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1080p 4k Ultra HD IP Day&Night Color CCTV 

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You can trust us for quality product , quality service and privacy & Safety of your home and office.
We provide all kinds of 4K Ultra HD 1080p, AHD , IP cameras and NVRs with installation. smart phone app monitoring and cloud recording etc. And Remote monitoring with 24/7 control room support ( 2 years service level contract )


Sony 1080P  5MP 1600TVL  IP PTZ Cameras

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) dome cameras have become the most popular choice for applications that require the ability to position and zoom the camera to a specific area of interest.  PTZ domes offer a discreet appearance that blends into any architectural environment, and they pack a lot of performance into a relatively small package.  Sony has a comprehensive line of PTZ domes with models to fit a wide variety of applications.












Sony 600TVL Camera TT$250.

Sony 700TVL Camera TT$600.
Sony 800TVL Camera TT$700.
Sony 1000TVL Camera TT$900.
Sony 1200TVL Camera TT$1000.

Sony PTZ 700TVL Camera TT$1200.
Sony PTZ 800TVL Camera TT$1500.
Sony PTZ 1000TVL Camera TT$2000.
Sony PTZ 1200TVL Camera TT$3000.

Sony PTZ day/night 700TVL Camera TT$1600.
Sony PTZ day/night 800TVL Camera TT$1900.
Sony PTZ day/night 1000TVL Camera TT$2500.
Sony PTZ day/night 1200TVL Camera TT$3500.

Sony 700TVL IP Camera TT$900.
Sony 800TVL IP Camera TT$1000.
Sony 1000TVL IP Camera TT$1200.
Sony 1200TVL IP Camera TT$1500.

4 Channel HDMI DVR  $800.
8 Channel HDMI DVR   $1300.
16 Channel HDMI DVR  $1800.
32 Channel HDMI DVR   $3500.

4 Channel HDMI NVR  $1000.
8 Channel HDMI NVR   $1500.
16 Channel HDMI NVR  $2000.
32 Channel HDMI NVR   $4000.