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GPS Tracker Security system with full T&T and worldwide coverage .  ( Peace of mind is priceless )  

GPS Trackers for Vehicles , Boats , Kids & Pets 

GPS Tracker Only For TT$800. installed  (and up ) 

GPS TRACKER WITH security ALARM system with two remote controls TT$1500. installed 
Portable GPS with 30days rechargeable battery TT$1100.
Portable GPS with 90days rechargeable battery TT$1500.

Track Anything Anytime Anywhere 

Try our web based tracking platform and mobile App . 
gps.eagleeyett.com     for personal use  

gpstracker.eagleeyett.com   for commercial use   

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 Eagle Eye 2021 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker. Full T&T & Worldwide Coverage. For Vehicles, Car, Kids & boats. rechargeable, portable, with strong Magnetic, small, Tracking Device. Child, elderly, Dog pet drone motorcycle bike automobile and boat etc 



Ahmed Auto World Ltd : Top-class accuracy: GPS satellite technology ensures a tight fix on the tracker's location for unsurpassed accuracy. In addition, the 3-axis accelerometer improves accuracy with motion detection. Perfectly discreet: The pocket-friendly device is only a little larger than a matchbox and can be discreetly placed nearly anywhere. The waterproof magnetic case (not included) allows for the tracker to be placed (or hidden) underneath vehicles. High-tech tracking at your fingertips: 

 The information from the tracker can be followed on any device from computers (including both Mac and PCs) to tablets or mobile phones via GPS web platform. The service also tracks activity records for up to a year, delivering customizable reports that can track speed, time, and position across Google Maps. You can also set up several alerts, which can be delivered via text message or email, alerting you when the device breaks a certain speed, starts or stops moving, is low on battery, or even enters or leaves certain areas. Quick and easy geo-fencing: Another feature of the Spy Tec GPS platform allows you to fence off certain areas of the map and be alerted when the tracker enters or leaves the restricted area. Flexible subscription plans: The Spy Tec GPS real time tracking plan requires no contract or activation fee and can be stopped or started at any time. The monthly subscription (starting at $25 a month) allows for real time tracking beginning with minute-by-minute updates, upgradable to as often as every five seconds. Excellent battery life: The device comes with a long-lasting battery allowing for two weeks of continuous use, or even longer when used periodically.

Real-Time Tracking, Across Any Device you Own

GPS tracking lets you watch over your valuables, vehicle, or loved ones, when you can’t be around to do it yourself. Regardless of whether you’ve looked into other trackers in the past, or if this is the first tracker you have come across,  GPS tracking solution can’t help but exceed your expectations. Powered by proprietary tracking software and the cutting edge real-time GPS tracking device, Ahmed Auto is an industry leader in addressing consumer and enterprise GPS tracking needs.

The compact, we gives you the location of anything, at anytime. Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology can help you track anything, be it your car, children, or a prized possession, all in real time.

Additionally, the proprietary  GPS tracking platform allows you to base tracking around specified locations and receive periodic updates in intervals as brief as five seconds. The updates can be configured using the platform, and set to be delivered straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone. No matter where you are, or what device you have at hand, you can stay up to speed with your tracking efforts. To enhance battery life and tracking accuracy, GPS features a built-in accelerometer that detects motion and powers the device on or off depending on whether the tracker is moving.

Finally, GPS platform also allows users to easily deploy a geofence, letting you define an area on a map, and then create alerts that trigger if the device enters or leaves that area. Create geofences around your child commute home from school, letting you know if they stopped somewhere they shouldn’t have. You can also geofence off your neighborhood, alerting you the moment your car leaves those boundaries.